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Professional maintenance is key to protecting your investment and enjoyable, worry free boating.  With Industry veterans and factory trained technicians we are your leading dealer alternative.  Whether it be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or just a one time "check up" we offer maintenance to meet your demands.

What the Program Offers


SoCal Marine Care is a maintenance package for your Electric Boat that includes the following monthly services:

  • Topside Cleaning
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Hull Cleaning
  • Electrical and Mechanical Systems inspection
  • Haul Out Service as needed

Our crew arrives by boat or land and performs the work where your boat is docked. There is no intrusion on your privacy and no need for you to be home during the service. Our technicians are specially trained to work on the three major Electric Boat companies' vessels, and perform the highest quality work at competitive rates.

Interior and Exterior Cleaning

The interior is fully cleaned and wiped down, carpets are vacuumed, covers are straightened and windows are cleaned. The exterior surfaces including the deck and the topsides are washed down and scrubbed. The surrey top will be cleaned as well.

Monthly Electrical and Mechanical Systems Inspection

We will test all batteries, electrical and mechanical systems to ensure your next cruise is worry-free. Batteries are filled to help maintain the life of the battery. The battery charger, lights, fuses, circuit breakers and stereo components are tested to ensure they are in proper working order. The bilge and bilge pump are inspected to insure they are free from debris and working properly.

Monthly Underwater Bottom Cleaning

Our divers will clean below the waterline and inspect the prop for any damage. This will keep the hull of the boat free from growths, providing optimal performance.

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service at competitive prices. SoCal Marine Care is a yearlong program and payment options include:

  • Annual Payment of $1440 equalling $120/mo
  • Semi Annual Payments of $780 equaling $130/mo
  • Quarterly Payments of $420 equaling $140/mo

Haul Outs and Transports

SoCal Marine Care offers stand alone or a la carte haul out services on an as needed basis.  When properly prepped. using a quality bottom paint, and proper application (2 coats overall and a third on the waterline, leading/trailing edges of the rudder(s), and the propeller), you can expect your paint to maintain its anti-fouling abilities for anywhere from 2-3 years and sometime more based on boat location, sun exposure, and bottom cleaner experience.  Our diver provides a monthly update on the condition of the paint so you know the condition and can plan your haul out accordingly.  The polish portion of the traditional dealer haul out can be done in the water or at the time of the bottom paint, once again on an as needed basis. SoCal Marine Care’s haul out service includes:

  • Pick up and delivery to your dock
  • Hull Inspection
  • New two coat application of anti-fouling hull paint
  • Re-pack propeller stuffing box as needed
  • Test and inspect all electrical and mechanical systems

Contact SoCal Marine Enclosures for Haul Out Service pricing details.



Buying an electric boat or plan on transporting yours? We can help!.  We professionally prep your boat prior to transport ensuring its safe arrival at it's final destination/home port. Ask us about our vessel transport services serving all southern California harbors and lakes.